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Meet Our Team

Dr. Duncan Carmichael

Medical Director, Expand Health

Dr. Carmichael left the world of illness long ago to focus his efforts on his passion for wellness. He strongly believes that responding to a disease is much less potent than empowering someone to understand their health and prevent the diseases from occurring.

‘At Expand Health, our purpose is to show you how you can live a healthier, longer and happier life.’

He founded and runs the Institute of Healthy Aging in Cape Town, South Africa and another in Dorset in the United Kingdom. His wide range of training and clinical experience combined with his research into longevity makes him uniquely placed to develop programs to help patients live longer and healthier lives.

In 2019 Dr. Carmichael published his medical book ‘Younger for Longer’ in the UK and South Africa, and in 2020 it came out in the USA. It provides the guiding principles of how to stay healthy and active throughout our lives.

Carmen Heunis

Manager, Expand Health

Passionate about creating an environment for others to feel better and thrive, Carmen Heunis brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role as Clinic Manager at Expand Health, Sea Point. With over 24 years of corporate experience under her belt, Carmen transitioned into the wellness sector, focusing on the transformative benefits of Ozone Sauna Therapy.

In addition to her expertise in Ozone Sauna, Carmen is also an adept yoga instructor and hosts rejuvenating retreats that bring balance and a greater sense of well-being to people’s lives. Her work has the added benefit of empowering women in the workplace, fostering growth and resilience.

With her profound understanding of Cape Town’s wellness landscape, Carmen is uniquely positioned to lead Expand Health’s Sea Point clinic. Her unwavering commitment to holistic wellness and passion for helping individuals lead healthier, happier lives make her an invaluable asset to the Expand Health team, guiding all on their journey to optimal health and happiness.

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