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Expand Health Q&A: Dr Duncan Carmichael, MD

Dr. Carmichael left the world of illness long ago to focus his efforts on his passion for wellness. He strongly believes that responding to a disease is much less potent than empowering someone to understand their health and prevent the diseases from occurring.

‘At Expand Health, our purpose is to show you how you can live a healthier, longer and happier life.’

He founded and runs the Institute of Healthy Aging in Cape Town, South Africa and another in Dorset in the United Kingdom. His wide range of training and clinical experience combined with his research into longevity makes him uniquely placed to develop programmes to help patients at Expand Health live longer and healthier lives.

His multi-modality wisdom can be found in a bestselling book he has authored on health and wellness — and below! In 2019 Dr. Carmichael published his medical book ‘Younger for Longer’. It provides the guiding principles of how to stay healthy and active throughout our lives.

Q: What does optimal health mean to you?

A: Being the healthiest I can be today so that I not only feel good today, but that the habits I employ today have a positive effect tomorrow.

Q: What’s something that’s changed your approach to health and wellness?

A: Watching my father gradually deteriorate in a painful way with chronic illness. Since then I have dedicated my life to ensuring that we all have our best chance of attaining optimal health and avoiding chronic disease.

Q: Describe your approach to treating patients in one word.

A: Empathetic

Q: Favorite quote?

A: The heading on the British comedian Spike Milligan’s, tombstone: “I told you I was ill.”

Q: Book you own that is the most dog-eared?

A: David Sinclair’s Lifespan.

Q: Early bird or night owl?

A: By nature, a night owl. By training, an early bird.

Q: Key to a good night’s sleep?

A: I need to put the day to bed before I put myself to bed. Don’t carry stress and unsettled business into your dreams.

Q: What’s one way you take care of your mind every day?

A: Meditate

Q: When you really need to chill out, you…?

A: Exercise in the morning, play guitar in the evening

Q: Instant mood lifter?

A: Cold water swim.

Q: On-the-go snack?

A: My delicious bad habit is Crisps and humus

Q: Three non-negotiables in your life?

A: Love, family, pets

Q: Food philosophy?

A: Low carb

Q: Morning rituals?

A: Start the day with coffee and Megan

Q: Bed time rituals?

A: Sit outside with the dogs and look at the stars.

Q: Favourite way to de-stress?

A: Box breathing

Q: Favourite way to add movement to your day?

A: CrossFit and stretching

Q: How do you take coffee or tea?

A: Coffee with cream

Q: Words to live by?

A: In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take

Q: How do you reboot?

A: Sleep

Q: Last time you laughed?

A: Today

Consider booking in for one of our health optimsation programmes  to work with with Dr. Carmichael to get the personalised care you need on your health optimsation journey.



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