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Five Key Blood Tests For Better Health

While how we feel can help us make a general assumption about our health, true progress towards living an optimal life can't start until we address the root cause. That is where diagnostic testing comes in. Whether you have a chronic disease you want to

The Healing Power Of Nature

Believe it or not, our environment can affect our health and wellbeing massively. We believe that the way to wellbeing is by integrating nature’s wisdom with best in class technology. Our Red Light Therapy panels replicate the benefits from the sun.  Our PEMF Therapy emulates

It Is Never Too Late To Adopt Healthy Habits

The findings of a new  longevity study show that healthy lifestyle habits can add up to six years to an person's life, even if the habits are adopted in middle or older age. The study that took place across 21 years, monitored 49,000 Japanese men and


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